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March 5, 2006
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Towa the Gravity Master by BlackSylph Towa the Gravity Master by BlackSylph
My 2nd Entry for Seventh Sanctum's Contest

Generator: Magical Girls (again...sorry, I just like this generator)

Category: Female

Generated Description:

This hateful magical girl has almond-shaped black eyes and waist-length, straight, thick, jet black hair worn in an unusual style. She has a wasp-waisted figure. She has gravity powers that are invoked by magical gestures. Her complicated uniform is mostly red.

Hey guys, I'm back! The land of tubes-in-your-nose has a hold of me no more. And this is my first post since my farewell wallpaper. Yeah, that was fast, huh? Anywho, this is probably the most intense action sequence I've ever illustrated, and I had a REAL hard time with the pose...had to use a photo for reference...anywho, glad to be back on the site. Enjoy.
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vevew Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
Love the movement! You can almost feel the impact.
bladesfire Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2008  Professional Filmographer
The feeling of motion in this is impressive. Not only that but you have perspective and speedlines down. Like the rest of your work the coloring is wonderful, colorful, but tastefully dark.
FaMz Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007  Professional General Artist
not so sure about the depth, she seems to be blending in with the background, but good concept and great illustration of motion
slicedguitars Featured By Owner May 14, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
The pose is great, the hair is far too well drawn <insert jealous emote here> and the movement is really cool.

One day I just hope I can create something half as good :D
herwonderland Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007
that is awesome!! i love it! uv made it look like its jumping off the screen!
Chibizaki Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2007
Wow, intense! Love the pose and how the clothes and hair are reacting to the jump and impact from landing
AvSkyggene Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2006
A masterful use of shading, color and blurs.
Unibomber703 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2006
I love the action and movement you have in this picture, how the ground itself looks to be vibrating with energy. This piece has a lot of energy to it that makes me smile that the livelyhood of a good anime picture is still around, that it doesn't have to be a stagnant pose. So i commend you for that, great work.

My only suggestions is that the eyes seem either out of place, or they're conflicting with the pose of the head. Maybe just a bit hidden into the bangs, more almond shaped to keep the angles more confident. Lovely job regardless, nice work.
Shaboomi-Barakuti Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2006
BAM!! amazing very powerful!!
Inuyoujo Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2006
Aside from no mouth and boobs look alil "press down" this is great. The best thing is the coloring. :#1:
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